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Web Applications

Web applications let users make accounts, submit and access data, run calculations whatever you need. We build these cloud based web applications using modern technologies and best practices, allowing us to build and deploy the software our clients need quickly and efficiently.

System Design

With over 20 years of solving a wide array of different kinds of business problems we can provide key system design experience to help add revenue and or reduce costs. This can range from system design recommendations to custom designed and implemented applications.

Consulting Services

Not sure if you need a custom web application or help solving a specific business challenge we can still help. Please contact us to see if we can help.


How we do it...


It’s critically important that we get to know your business vision and goals. By understanding what you’re trying to accomplish we can help determine if new software is necessary, if enhancements can be made to existing software or perhaps you can benefit from an integration to other systems. After meeting in person or talking on the phone, we can determine the high level approach and let you know if our expertise and approach is a good fit for your company.


Once we have determined that our expertise and approach is a good fit we will start work on a project plan. This plan will identify the user types, building blocks and functionality needed to bring your business vision and goals to life. Once we have an accurate project plan we will be able to provide an accurate quote and time line for your project.


Here is where we start the iterative and incremental development process. Each week as we finish functionality outlined in the project plan you the customer will be able to evaluate progress of the application through both a written summary of work completed for the week to actually using the application while its being built.


All work is being performed in a test environment. This allows you the customer to validate the functionality you want works correctly. Once the functionality has been approved we will make the application available to your users.


Like any complex system, software requires maintenance. When you buy a new car everything (hopefully) runs perfectly. But over time, if you don’t change the oil, the engine will eventually breakdown and stop working. The same is true for software. The day will never arrive in which your application is 100% complete. A certain level of maintenance will always be needed.


Once users begin using your application, you’ll quickly realize that some of the features that you thought would be important aren’t really needed. And some features that you never even considered are critical and must be added ASAP. This is why it's important to budget for ongoing development upfront. Again, the best applications are always a work in progress, and are never really finished.

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